Thursday 12/29

Only 44 Spots Available for our 8-week Total Wellness Challenge, starting January 14th.  Attendance on the 14th is mandatory.  I highly recommend the supplement packs as well.  You can also buy the recommended supplements on your own, but we’ve gotten some nice discounts buying in bulk.   There are three award categories including a significant cash prize to the winner …. if we sell out the seminar the winner will recieve $1000.

Sign Up Now:

30 Day Supplement Pack – Includes a 30 day supply of:

    • High grade Fi
      sh Oil
      from Bonfire
      to ensure you get your necessary Omega 3s


    • Probiotics
      from Innate Response
      to support your immune system and the health of your digestive system



30 Day Supplement Pack + Digestive Enzymes – Includes a 30 day supply of:

    • ALL
      of the supplements listed above


    • PLUS
      a potent digestive enzyme to help you get the most out of the food you are eating



Overhead Squat




KB Swing (53/35)


Hollow Rock


Max Double Unders in 2 minutes.

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