The Workout of the Day for Wednesday 6/20/2012


1. If you haven’t noticed the Mobility Homework posted each day lately you’re slackin!  Get on it and take care of your parts … we review these in class but you can certainly do them at home and are expected to do this as a minimum when you don’t come into class.

2. We’ve added a Wednesday 4:30pm Group CrossFit Class.  One Less Excuse.

3. Heidi will be in the gym taking photos for the new website we’ve been working on at 4:30 and 5:30 tomorrow.  Do your best to ignore the camera (politely) and smile if you’re having fun.  Consider this your warning if you like to dress up in bowties and put on lipstick prior to being photographed (Teddy).




2 Reps Every Minute, On the Minute for 10 Minutes



Chest to Bar Pullups

Weighted Step-Ups

Handstand Pushups


Max KB Swings in 5 Minutes


From Kelly Starrett, DPT:
Today we are going to delve back into hip extension with a bit more focus on the big hip flexors that attach to the spine. Be clear, we are still going after hip extension, but we are
de-emphasizing the musculature of the front of the thigh and we are going a bit higher.
If you are that guy that wakes up in the morning with a sore back, this could be you.
We can’t stretch the psoas directly, but we can bias it with specific movements.

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