The Full Potential Nutrition System:

The foundation of a healthy body is nutrition.  If you want to look better, feel better, and perform better, this should be your focus.

The Full Potential Nutrition System has been designed to help you get results and live up to your Full Potential.

Step One:

Whole30 Elimination Diet:

CrossFit Full Potential has teamed up with Whole9, specialists in the field of Paleo nutrition and a respected authority in the CrossFit community, to provide our members with a comprehensive nutritional program designed to make you the fittest and healthiest you’ve ever been.

Option 1: Guided

We provide an individual guided option to the Whole30 Elimination diet.
The cost is $75 and includes a private meeting with Dan with email support for the 30 days.

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Option 2: Self-Guided

Whole30 Handbooks written by Whole9 are available from our lending library or can be purchased for $20.  We also have a recipe and meal planning book available for print for $20.

The Handbook includes the following:

  • A list of food groups that detract from your health and fitness
  • A helpful summary of what should be on your plate.
  • A detailed Shopping Guide, including helpful hints for making the best meat, fish, egg, produce and healthy fat choices
  • The Whole9 MealSimple™ meal planning template, designed to meet your individual needs without any weighing, measuring, or counting calories
  • A comprehensive, multi-category FAQ to help you hit the ground running
  • A number of helpful resources – nutrition-related web sites, sample recipes, and educational books and movies

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Step Two:

Individual Nutritional Coaching
A deep dive into your individual nutritional needs. Your initial meeting will include a complete nutrition intake questionnaire, body fat measurements, review of your current diet by reviewing a 3 day nutrition diary you must bring to your session.

You can expect to cover topics such as:

  • How to eat based on your goals (weight loss, longevity, muscle gain)
  • Skin Caliper testing and hormonal correlations (where you store body fat and why)
  • Supplements: what do you really need?
  • How lifestyle factors into your health
  • Meal timing, workout timing, etc.

Cost is $300 and includes a detailed initial intake consultation (approximately 60 minutes) and nutrition suggestions, then four email check-ins every two weeks thereafter, which will include journal review and revised suggestions.

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