A few random testimonials:
I can honestly say (this is not blowing smoke) that I have never enjoyed a gym experience more that I have at your gym. It’s very motivating to me that I am stronger and more confident than I have ever been. I always appreciate that you are focused on form and precision in movements and helping to coach to the individual. The community that you’ve created provides encouragement and helps me be accountable to myself.
Basically, I’m the LAST person you’d ever have expected to get into Crossfit. The things that I love about it, aside from the results, is that it’s classes with set times rather than an open gym setting, It changes from day to day and never gets boring, it’s really challenging but has options for modification so I don’t feel like I want to cry and run for the door, and you basically have 2 personal trainers while you’re in class helping you out individually when you need it. I can’t think of anywhere else I can get that. You guys are awesome.
I have the motivation necessary to stay active on my own but what I don’t have with my solo workouts is the…
*Wonderful CFFP community of fun and supportive folks
*Super effective, varied workouts that energize (but don’t exhaust) me
*Extra motivation to push myself that comes with a group fitness setting
I really appreciate the energy at cffp. Coaching is superb
and I have made so many friends. Even when I was
new, and to this day, the higher level athletes spend
time with me when  I ask questions and stuff.