Schedule Change and Photo Update

Happy Friday FP‘ers!

Thanks for being a part of our community and welcoming us to Newburyport. After our first five weeks of classes we’ve decided to make a small tweak to the CrossFit schedule. Tuesday’s 7PM class is being replaced by a 630AM class Tuesday mornings due to lack of attendance at the 7PM and requests from quite a few members for a 630AM time slot. If you’re happy about the 630AM, please try to attend it so we can justify adding another 630AM class to the schedule.

TUESDAY 7PM is off the schedule as of this week.

TUESDAY 6:30AM will begin on Tuesday April 5th.

As always, please email with any training or nutrition questions, big or small.

We’re working on a few things for the spring and fall, so stay tuned. T-shirts and hoodies are in the works, but taking some time due to the tragedy in Japan. If you want to donate to the Red Cross, please do so HERE.

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