Paleo Meals July Menu

Chef Stephen Deffley of Got Thyme is preparing Paleo friendly meals.
Entrées are preordered each week; no long term commitment is necessary.
Entrées are delivered to Crossfit Gym in Newburyport on Tuesdays.
July Menu:
Week 1:
July 2nd
 Southwest chicken salad with grilled veggies and fruit salad
 Turkey basil meatloaf with mashed parsnips and sweet potatoes
Week 2:
July 9th
 Baked spaghetti squash “pasta” with meatballs and red sauce
 Curry and nut crusted tilapia over vegetable slaw
Week 3:
July 16th
 Turkey bolognese over vegetable “pasta”
 Curry chicken with coconut milk and cilantro over mashed sweet potatoes
Week 4:
July 23rd
 Mustard roasted chicken with roasted veggies
 Seafood burgers with tartar sauce and roasted carrots
Week 5:
July 30th
 BBQ chicken burgers with sweet potato fries
 Shepherd’s pie with mashed cauliflower and carrots, ground turkey and
fresh veggies

Entrées are delivered to Crossfit Gym in Newburyport on Tuesdays and placed in the
refrigerator. Entrées are labeled with the name of each recipient.
Price: $55 per week – each entrée serves at least two people
$75 per week – each entrée serves at least four people
An email is sent out each week to confirm your order. Orders do need to be pre-paid, and I
utilize PayPal for your convenience.

Call or email Steve today!
Stephen Deffley
Executive Chef/Owner
“Got Thyme” Personal Chef Service


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