NOR’EASTER THROWDOWN is this Sunday at Hampton Beach!

Competitors get your money in ASAP: $25 check made payable to “Mauli Ola Foundation”

Our friends at Bonfire are requesting we send three volunteer judges.  Let Danny or Melissa know if you are interested.

We are sending three teams to this event, come up to Hampton Beach and cheer them on!

Post to comments if you want to meet up and carpool.


Team 1:
Matt C. & Meg M.
Clark W. & Jeanne M.
Ted M. & Katie W.

Team 2:
Nick N. & Katie F.
Darren O. & Katie K.
Jack B. & Leigh

team 3:
D-Hart and Heather T.
????? & Wendy S.
Nate B. And Kelly O.


First to email me gets the open male slot.

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