"Murph" for Disposable Heroes Project, Whole30, and Wednesday's WOD

This Saturday, June 11th some fellow CrossFitters are hosting a cruise around Boston harbor with all money raised going to The Disposable Heroes Project (www.thedisposableheroesproject.com).  Special guests Marines LCpl Ivan E Sears and PFC Samantha Gaona will be flying up from a Recovery Care Center in Texas.  Also, check out the CrossFit Journal from last week, and watch the video about Disposable Heroes Project in Oklahoma City, OK.  Brad McKee, the founder, is a former Marine sniper along with being a CrossFit affiliate owner.

 We  are doing Murph this Saturday at 9am to raise awareness for DHP.  People can make donations, or buy tickets on this website:  www.abrotherinarms.org

The Whole30 Challenge is complete at 12:01 am Wednesday (unless you started a day late).  Congratulations to those who made it through.  Weigh-ins and After Photos will be taken Wednesday and Thursday at the gym.  Don’t cheat until you weigh in!!  We’ll be having a Paleo pot-luck to celebrate the lifestyle change that you guys have commited to some time in the next couple weeks.  Each participant will be required to write a short essay about their experience and how it affected them physically, mentally, health-wise, etc.  We’ll take a vote based on essay, photos, and percentage of weight lost.  I’m proud of you guys.  This was no easy task, but I for one am staying Paleo for the long haul.

Wednesday’s WOD:


10 KB Snatch Rt

20 Reverse Lunges

10 KB Snatch Lft

20 Jumping Jacks

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