Kettlebell Class with Jeff Martone and a Costume Party

Friday October 19th


4:30pm Regular Group Class


5:30-7:30pm Hand to Hand Kettlebell Class


8:00pm Costume WOD

CFFP Memebers Only (prize for best costume)


Hand to Hand Kettlebell Details

Please join us for a special two hour course with the kettlebell master himself, North American record holder Jeff Martone.

Date:     Oct 19, 2012

Time:                5:30-7:30pm
Location:         CrossFit Full Potential
                          5 Perkins Way, Unit 4
                          Newburyport, MA 01950
Contact:                   (978) 463-9348

Tuition:  $99 regular, Only $79 for CrossFit Full Potential Members and Friends

H2H Kettlebells: Rotational Power  (click to register)

Before he ever saw a Russian juggle a kettlebell, Jeff had instinctually figured out how to flip, toss, twirl, and spin this cannon ball with a handle!  Jeff gained instant popularity in the US nearly a decade ago in 2003 with his first DVD, “H2H Kettlebell Drills.”  A year later, 2004, he released the sequel “H2H Kettlebell Drills:  Harder – Faster – Stronger.”  This soft-spoken, humble guy continues to attract crowds, who stare in amazement at the seamless, effortless way he works his kettlebell.  Truly, poetry in motion!
While you may not be quite ready to juggle KBs standing on the corners of rooftops or blindfolded after this 2-hour introductory course, you will learn 10 basic “Hand-to-Hand” kettlebells exercises.  This small sampling from the 50+ juggling exercises Jeff teaches on his DVDs will springboard you in the ability to self-teach yourself most of the other intermediate & advanced H2H exercises.
If the “FUN factor” isn’t enough to intrigue you, perhaps dramatically increasing your explosive strength, stamina, and agility – or – your hand-to-eye coordination – or – your grip strength – or – core & rotational power –  will interest you.  Whatever your goal, H2H should be a part (whether large or small) of your training program.
Note: Jeff will be available for private & small group instruction from 1pm-3pm, 3pm-5pm.  The 1-on-1 Personal Training rate is $400 for 2 hours.  He is will to do a small group of up to 4 people for the same rate.
Click Here to Book Private Training
We hope you can join us!
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