July Member of the Month: Cara Wilson

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Day Job: Teacher

Hobbies & Other Activities: I coach All Star Cheerleading at All That in Amesbury. I love to kayak and be a beach bum when I can.

Proudest Life Achievement: Waking up everyday living a happy and healthy life.  I have lost over 35 pounds since the first time I stepped foot into CFFP and feel better than ever.

Previous Fitness: Kickboxing and cheerleading

Why CFFP?: I started working out at CFFP after my brother had been there for a few months.  I really liked the idea of WODs and structured workouts.  I love CFFP because every time I leave a class I feel good about myself, whether it was a challenging workout or something that I am comfortable with.  Everyone is so supportive and the community is amazing.

First Memorable WOD: Karen- 150 wall balls for time.

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Push press and deadlift.

What Motivates Her: The atmosphere and community within CFFP.

Biggest Goal:  To be able to do strict pull ups and rope climb.

Biggest Challenge: Running.  Any workout that involves running is super challenging for me.

Biggest Improvement: Squat technique.

Advice for New Members:    Keep working hard it is so worth it! Don’t give up!

Who is Your Superhero?: My superhero is a 4th grade student I tutor who has stage 3b melanoma.  Each day she is smiling and laughing even when she isn’t feeling great.  Her spirit is contagious!

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