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Schedule a FREE Introductory Session/Physical Assessment with one of our coaches,

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Come ready to tell us about yourself and move around!

We’ll talk a lot about you. What you want, what you are doing, what you’ve done in the past, medical history, etc …  and we’ll see how Full Potential can help you get where you want to be!  We’ll also put you through a Physical/Movement Assessment.

The Movement Assessment is designed to assess your current range of motion and coordination.

After your introductory session, if you are interested in joining the program you can  begin our On-Ramp Program.

Our On-Ramp Program can be completed in a group or private format depending on your schedule and readiness to enter classes.

Group On-Ramp runs Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:30pm for two weeks. Here we will teach you proper technique on the most common movements in our programming. This small group atmosphere is the perfect place to learn the movements, get to know other new members, and get a feel for the gym.

After those two weeks??  Graduation Day!!

Welcome to our Group Classes!

Check out our Group Class Schedule HERE

Not sure you are ready for a group atmosphere or have a specific individualized goal?

We also offer private training programs and individual programming options where you can get one on one coaching specific to your goals/needs.

Check it out by clicking here.



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