CrossFit Games – The Open

The Open for the CrossFit Games starts

February 27th

For those interested in participating

CFFP will hold Open Workouts

Saturdays at 9am

Free for all current CFFP Members

$20 drop in fee per session for others



1. In order for you to be judged and have your score verified by CFFP you must complete the Judges Course. Athletes wishing to be judged are responsible for bringing in a copy of their Judges Course certificate prior to the first workout.  No exceptions for CFFP members.

2. Athletes are responsible for submitting their scores on the Games website on time.  CFFP will verify scores at noon on Mondays.  All scores must be submitted prior and no reminders will be sent.

3. The Judges calls on no-reps, counts and any other issues are final.  Any questioning or arguing with a judge will result in no score for the workout.



This year’s rules require certain people to video their workouts.   CFFP will NOT be responsible for determining who needs to video, nor will we be videoing workouts or submitting them. Any requirements regarding videoing are the athlete’s responsibility.


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