Seven More Days for you Whole30 folks.  Don’t have a cheat meal until you weigh in next Thursday or Friday.  Also, remember Melissa and Dallas’ advice on coming off of your 30 days; use the hard-earned time in to find out how your food is affecting you by introducing things in one at a time at the end of your 30 days!!



3×3 Snatch-Grip Olympic Deadlift

3×3 Clean-Grip Olympic Deadlift



AMRAP in 12 minutes:

10 Single-Arm KB Swings Rt

10 Single-Arm KB Push Press Rt

10 Racked KB Lunges Rt

10 Single-Arm KB Swings Lft

10 Single-Arm KB Push Press Lft

10 Racked KB Lunges Lft

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