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Workout of the Day


WOD for Wednesday March 21st:

FITNESS A) Clean and Jerk: 20min building to a heavy single. Rest 2-3 min. between attempts. B) E4m for 16min 200/150m Row 10 DB HPC+S2OH 10 HR Pushups PERFORMANCE A) Clean and Jerk: 20min building Read more…


WOD for Tuesday March 20th:

FITNESS A) Close Grip Bench Press: 5-5-5-5+, rest 2 mins B) DB Pullover: 10-12 x 3 Sets; rest 2min. C) :30/:30 Stations – 4 Rounds: Station 1: Russian Swing Station 2: NP Burpee to 6″ Read more…


WOD for Monday March 19th:

FITNESS A1) Back Squat 5-3-3-3+, rest :30 A2) Contralateral Tall Kneeling to Standing: 20 x 3 (switch arms halfway), rest 2 mins B) E3M for 18min: 20 Slam Balls 20 Situps 20 SA DB Push Read more…

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