Thought for the Day   “The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Monday February 24, 2020


A) E2M for 10 min: 


3-5 Strict C2B Pullup

3-5 Strict HSPU



3-5 Banded C2B

5 Pushup @ 2121


B) Performance:

3 Sets:

3 min @ 85%

600/500m Row

Max Burpee in remainder

2 min Rest b/t each


b. Rest Additional 3min


3 Sets:

3min @ 85%

600/500m Row

Max Burpee in remainder

2min Rest b/t each



15min AMRAP:

15 Russian KBS

10 BJSD/Russian Step-Up

15 Situp

10/7 Cal AB/Ski


Rest 3min


15min AMRAP:

16 Walking Lunge

10 DB Bent Over Row

10/7 Cal AB or Ski

Accumulate :30 in a tuck hold (Equalizer or Pullup Bar)

Hers’s a great article with everything you need to know about Nasal Breathing.

I Started Nasal Breathing, Now What?


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