WE WANT YOU!  And all your friends and family to join us for Murph on Memorial Day!!
This year is our TENTH annual Memorial Day Tribute workout.  Since 2011 we’ve been hitting “Murph” in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy and all of our fallen heroes.  This has always been our biggest community event of the year, and there is no way that we would miss it.
Here’s what to expect for this year’s Virtual Murph:
-Multiple Zoom times so coaches can debrief you on the workout/scaling/modifying, etc … and of course, to give you a Pep talk and explain the WHY behind the WOD.
-Start hydrating NOW
-Measure the 1 mile course from where you workout using Google Maps, or something similar.
-Get all your friends and family to do it with you!!
-Take a picture before, during or after of all your participants (even if its just you) so we can make a community collage.  Email to dan@crossfitfullpotential.com
-Join the Seal Legacy Foundation for a special Memorial Day Virtual Tribute at 5pm … follow this link to RSVP:http://email.robly.com/ls/click?upn=KqpAfxlWNyGmcpBWbLl-2BRglZ5rIqn9Akoimd6sJh7jrrdBm70CfE4M6rVainCOLg5gWG_6T-2FJpPp0DGQP21QyQGHQCoWfJ4qt-2BoSyHn3uweZZE2BKg4qhKWy2Kzd9fG27u9MYxFI9shEOviJKaB7Gf6tTEzBe6UV6O-2FNITPmbvNoollekJj7G7CvHttJc0lVMPUGnmKvJr6UVH4pcWqu-2FEMYf9ix1WRE9fVNJhCQ6-2F-2FQ6YoeyMZ51P3gBYEb26lZQvyArfe92syv4m0Nble7cSAkGiUKIczOtICsXp5fbXG-2FuHxDVQPhI297V0H9DXIsyIcJEy8kDBCRzgfWji-2FcOd7hCobUW2CxBUQrK7mAVdVw0fN2pXMRlNZqofeKDOL9UfhbbBbEyHNLx4eJwXJcUtar71gJyrgnESN4IGL79TA4KEPzCBOyKOypQDmkoHY8KKT2VnxZXvLv97nUfO0J-2BjrxVnbWjhnr0efE9iiSbmeHjZQvU-2BVUxzZ8t-2FH1KIIsQInnGgR9BBaBqjMAswwpGW7W0Xs-2FVLLPxoQOGdkpMfYIjyto-3D
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