Please Respond to our Annual Survey!!

As we approach our one year anniversary at the gym, we are hoping to improve our product and give you the best place possible to train.  We want you to have fun and get in the best shape of your life.  That’s a pretty big challenge, so we need your help to let us know what we can change so that we are continuing to improve.  Please take a minute to respond to all of these questions; we all fear change, so make sure your voice is heard and that any changes are changes that YOU want!

We are especially interested in adapting the schedule to your needs as we are finding that we have a couple class times that are consistently popular on certain days (Monday 5:30pm, Tuesday 4:30pm) and would like to make sure we have the right options for you the rest of the week.  The clearer picture you give us in the comments sections, the better we can adapt to your needs.

Thank your for your continued support and your consistent hard work in the program!!

-The Full Potential Team

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