Before you start a CrossFit program for the first time, you must take our on-ramp course. 

The two-week class runs Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 6:30 PM 

If you can’t make those dates or time, we can schedule a private on-ramp for $50 per class. 

Why do we on-ramp?

To Gain Experience

The on-ramp course allows our new clients to experience group classes at a slower pace before jumping into our regular classes.

To Get a Solid Start

We teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit, which helps limit the possibility of injury, and allows us to teach you modifications and alternatives based on your individual needs.

During the class, we’ll do…

  • A warm-up sequence
  • Skill demonstrations
  • Practice movements (over and over!)
  • Technique troubleshooting
  • …and more! 

Once you've completed the on-ramp, you're ready to join our regular classes!

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